Interested in participating?

We are looking for adults 36 years of age and older to help us understand what factors are beneficial for your brain.

The Vulnerability and Resiliency in the Aging Adult Brain Connectome (AABC) study is a multi-site study that is being conducted across the U.S. in California, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and Missouri. The study is specifically following adults 36 and over to learn how different parts of the brain are connected to each other and how those connections change as we age.

stress and inflammation in young adults
Lifestyle and exercise in mid-adulthood
Hormonal changes of menopause
Mental Resilience in older adults

We are using a combination of brain imaging, genetics, surveys, memory and thinking tests to evaluate the unique pathways between the brain and:

  • Stress and inflammation
  • Lifestyle factors such as physical and social activity, sleep and nutrition
  • Hormonal changes associated with menopause in women
  • Factors that may protect us from memory changes at older ages